Things I've Learned While Being A Mama

In the short couple years that I have been a mother, I have learned a lot about motherhood. I'm sure in the years to come I will continue to learn....however, no matter how many books you read or the amount of advice you get- nothing will prepare you for what is really to come. Let's face it, kids are all different.....so let me share some of the things I have learned.
      1. No one will ever love your child the way you do.
Maybe the grandparents will ( I know my parents prefer my kids over me, haha) but other than that....the aunts and uncles will be great. Friends will think your child is awesome....and strangers will tell you how cute your kids are. But I legitimately will wipe my child's booty with poop all up his back, or pick his nose for a hard to reach booger without batting an eye. If that isn't love, I don't know what is!
2. There is no right or wrong.
When it comes to bed times, feeding, the way you dress your child, how you style their hair....whatever it may be, there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY to do things. You will do what works for you and that baby.
As long as no one is getting hurt or harmed, all is good in the hood.
3. You will be judged, regardless.
  No matter what, people are always going to judge how you do things. It wont necessarily always be a "bad" type of judgement.....but people will always compare how you do things to how they did things. If you're judging people, cut it out.  Ain't nobody got time for that! Motherhood isn't easy....and if its working for me and my baby, I don't want to hear it. Just saying.
  4.) Your house will never stay clean.
True story. No matter how many times you clean your house, toys will always need to be played with, food will spill, crayons will be used on your wall (even if you hide the crayons). Don't stress....it is just part of raising children. I stopped freaking out about cleaning everyday, and started doing things with the boys. They will remember the memories we make, not the house being clean!
  5.) Your kids will be different.
    My children have completely different personalities. When I was pregnant with my second child, I expected him to be just like my first. However, they are totally different and I love that about them. They are totally unique.
  6.) Your child will cry.
   Sorry Charlie, it's true. You may not always know why he/she is crying....but its normal. And if people ask you why your child is crying (especially if it is a child who can't talk yet) it is OK to respond with "I don't know". I can't handle when people ask me why my child is crying! Usually I say something along the lines of, "I don't know...why don't you ask him". haha
7.) Discipline Sucks.
There I said it. Disciplining your child totally sucks. I don't enjoy giving time outs, or taking toys away....however, if you don't teach your child the ropes- no one else will...and guess what? Bad parenting will always fall back on you. And you don't want to have "that" child. haha=-)
  8.) You are no longer responsible for only yourself.
   Eating a meal in peace, showering alone, using the bathroom with the door closed, getting in the car alone and not strapping a child into a car seat have all become luxuries. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.
  9.) Making plans may stress you out.
  Sometimes making plans in advance stress me out the minute they are made. Not because I don't want to go out with friends....but, finding a babysitter, having your children fed and bathed..... along with all the work you need to do before you go anywhere can just be a tad stressful.
10.) You won't use a "purse" for a while.
  I travel with a diaper bag, and have for almost 3 years. Invest in a good one. You will learn to love "packing" since every time you leave the house you will need to be well prepared. I'm sort of like Mary Poppins....I have it all from diapers and wipes, to entertainment to snacks. In fact, the minute we always get in the car, my 2 year old thinks I'm a vending machine and insists that he "needs a snack".
  11.) Sleep
You'll miss it. Sometimes in the middle of the night, our queen size bed becomes a party of four. Learn to embrace it.
12. It ain't about you no more.
True story. I sometimes like to think of myself as a modern day slave. Just kidding....but seriously, I have to fulfill requests all day because these little munchkins need me. From just needing some milk to going potty....these guys need my love. And that's 100% okay, but there are times where a day of requests can get exhausting=-)
13.) Take a moment for you.
You'll go crazy if you don't. Its really hard for me to do this, since I think the house will fall apart without me. After all, I am the CEO of this place. Guess what? They'll be fine without you for a little bit.
  I guarantee I will continue to learn as the years go on.
Motherhood is awesome...and I wouldn't change it for anything!
Have a great weekend!

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Felicia said...

I love this list! Being a mom on one hand is the easiest thing in the world but on the other hand it's the hardest. And all that stuff in the middle? It's all the snuggles, tears, laughter, fun crazy antics that your children can and will do at any given moment.

Oh and the queen sized bed? We only have one that gets into bed with us on a regular basis and she's enough to make me want a king, I couldn't imagine two.