Love for the Fourth

For as long as I can remember, the fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. There is something about it....it just screams summertime.
In fact, 15 years ago I met Stephen during fourth of July. Yup. We met at a local carnival when we were 13. It really is funny how life plays out, because little did I know when I met him back then that he would be my husband.
We lost touch for about 6 years after that summer, and met again when we were 19. Again, it was in July just after our freshman year of college. We dated, but I went back to Arizona where I was going to school....and he went down to Peoria, IL.
But then 6 years ago, I came home for the fourth of July....and we spent the fourth of July together that summer. On 7-7-7, we made it official.
I always like to think of July as such a special month....and the fourth of July is pretty special to us as a couple.
Now that we have kids it makes it just that much cooler.
I'm hoping you all enjoy your holiday as much as I know we will!

Alicia XoXo

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