What's Your Excuse?

I woke up yesterday morning to my mother telling me to turn on Good Morning America because some lady with 3 kids had been taking heat for a picture (above). I watched it, learning her name was Maria Kang- a fit mother of 3 kids, ages: 3,2 and 8 months. She was taking a lot of hate simply not just for this picture, but because of what she wrote, "what's your excuse"?
 As I went about my day, the Today Show and The View were playing on the TVs at the gym- and again, I saw this same story. People were mad, people were calling her a "bully", and that she was "fat-shaming".
I started to think about Maria and how she must feel. I'm a mother of 2....whom I had back to back. Just like Maria, I had been pregnant and know what its like to kick my butt back into shape, just to get pregnant again and get in shape again after that!
As I write this, I want to be careful with the words I choose because I'm not trying to offend anyone. I know that everyone has different bodies. The way our bodies are made up are different from one another, and pregnancy does different things to our bodies. Each of my pregnancies were different, the way I carried, the amount of stretch marks I got....so I completely understand no one person is the same.
As a woman who has a passion and drive for fitness, I know what it is like to set goals for myself to achieve a fit body post baby. Not every woman has the goal to get super fit post pregnancy, but just like Maria, I find it an accomplishment because it is something I set out to do- and it feels good when you achieve it.
I personally don't think her statement of "what's your excuse" was offensive. I think the people who got offended by it took it personally because  they saw something they didn't like within themselves. The reality is, when we judge others, we are really judging ourselves....and the people judging Maria maybe felt that she was sending a message that they weren't good enough, which wasn't the case at all. Here's a tip to the people judging her: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF. If you want something, it may take blood, sweat and tears....but you better be prepared to work for it!
Want to know how I took it? I feel motivated and inspired!  I know darn well how hard it is to be a mother of two children, I can only imagine the challenges having three children, ages 3 and under brings. Aside from caring for 3 other people, running your house, working.....Maria has proven that we can do anything we put our minds to. Just because she decided she wanted to go after a goal, doesn't mean she is a bad person or a bad mother. Haven't you ever felt excited about something you worked hard for?
Every time I have given birth, I look like a huge blob after, and I feel more motivated than ever to kick my butt into gear. We need to learn to love ourselves, and if we don't- what can we change to make that happen?
As women in this society, it is hard enough to get through life.....add in the pressure of being judged because you are actually proud of your successes and you are doomed. I personally think the only "bullies" out there are the ones judging this fit mother because of her accomplishments.
Anything that is worth something isn't always going to come easy. Stop comparing yourself and let this be a reflection of yourself.....as women and mothers, let's unite and stop breeding the negativity to one another. Think of what a happy place our world would be if we all just had each others back.
I mean after all, what's your excuse?

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