Fit From Within

We have all heard the phrase "Mind Over Matter"....but have you really actually made that connection that your mind is actually stronger then your physical body?
If we believe we won't achieve something, we have already put the negative thoughts into our brain and set ourselves up for failure. Being physically fit starts with our mindset and is pulled from within.
A healthy physical body starts with a healthy mind. 
For the last 11 years of my life, I have made a conscious effort to be physically fit. But for the majority of those years, like most women, my brain was focused more on being "skinny" over being "strong".
In college, I looked at food as an enemy. I would go through cycles of restriction, which then lead to binging when I did eat something unhealthy. I majored in Nutrition and minored in exercise science, but my mindset wasn't always the healthiest, even though at the time I thought it was. Looking back I am able to realize my patterns and identify my unhealthy mind.
When I got pregnant, I was pulled outside of my comfort zone and no longer was in control of my growing body. For 2 years prior I had been taking adderall DAILY. Never in my life have I been one to take or do any type of drugs. It gave me this sense of energy, I could study for hours and it totally curbed my appetite. I dropped weight and felt like this was the miracle drug of all time.
At the time, what started as something to help me through my last year of college, ended up being a secret addiction. I would take it daily for energy and to help me run nearly 10 miles a day. Again, at the time I never thought it was a problem. 
Looking back, I feel completely blessed by my unplanned pregnancy. 
The day I found out I was pregnant with my first child, was the day I quit taking adderall. Something from within clicked and I knew I needed to be the healthiest me for this child to grow, and that meant letting go of the control adderall had on my life.
From that point forward, I have made the decision to really be healthy. My health starts from WITHIN my mind. I am truly thankful that God gave me my children to be able to realize that I needed to overcome my own struggles to be the best mom these children deserve. God uses our struggles to make something beautiful.
I now believe real energy comes from the food we eat, the amount of sleep we get and literally leading an overall healthy lifestyle. There are no quick fixes.
Even if someone looks healthy physically, you never know where their mindset really is. I believe true happiness and health starts from within your soul. 
A healthy mindset is the only way we can make physical change. Once you make that connection, is when you can truly be fit from within.


Lindsey Brock said...

This is one of your best posts yet!! So honest and true. I felt blessed after reading it as I have struggled with an unhealthy mind set myself for many years. Just recently I stopped looking at the scale and counting calories and instead, my focus is on being healthy spiritually. It's amazing how mental, emotional and physical health follows this so easily! Thank you for sharing this part of yourself with us!

Bella said...


I've recently had my first baby and I want to get back into shape to be able to wear my bikini again.
I was thinking of trying and wourkout by Sonia Tlev, but I'm seeing some bad reviews like this girl's http://bestbootyworkouts.co...

Do you have an recommendations on what is the best workout? Or do you know if the Bikini Body Workout she is doing instead of Sonia Tlev's is a good one?

Thanks for any advice

Lydia Trumbo said...

Great post! I just found your blog and look forward to hearing more from you!