Rocking Your Bump With What You Got
 ...20 Weeks Pregnant...

Being as if I'm pregnant for the second time, you could pretty much say I'm a pro at this maternity type stuff. I remember when I was pregnant with Braxton I was so anxious to "get into" maternity wear. YUCK. What I realized when I hit my first maternity try on was that A.) These clothes make you look way larger then you are and do nothing for your already ballooning figure B.) These clothes are extremely over priced  C.) These clothes are actually pretty ugly. I did manage to buy a pair of maternity Seven jeans that were stupidly over-priced and I hardly even wore them. There were a couple of things I realized that I could do to keep my fashion with my growing belly.

1.) Don't Give Into Mom Jeans....please.

Ladies, we have all seen it and pray to never become the one doing it, but it happens....and it starts during maternity wear- the dreadful case of mom jeans. Simply put, you don't have to fall into this frumpy fail.  In my case, I still wore  my regular jeans (and this time I am too) and just purchased the ever so AWESOME belly band. The belly band simply allows you to still wear your jeans but you just don't button them and wear this piece of fabric over where you would button your pants. Obviously your body will grow, but I have been every size in the book- so my jean sizes in my closet range.....which is perfect for pregnancy since I clearly outgrow my skinny jeans and move into my fat pants toward the end. I understand some people may enjoy maternity pants and that may work better for them. I say whatever floats your boat ladies! I also tend to just buy larger sized tops then I normally would, that way I can still enjoy the fashion that is out there. The GREAT thing about the styles today is that LARGER tops are in!!! Big plus for us preggos.

2.) Rocking Your Bump Without Breaking The Bank.....

If you know me, you know I'm a pretty savvy shopper. Let's be honest, if you are a mom-to-be or already a mommy- you know you need to be practical in today's economy. You have a child(or children) to provide for, therefore you really cant be frivolous when it comes to shopping for yourself. I am someone who thrives on deals and sales.....and I know when I'm pregnant I will need a few new things here and there since I'm growing by the second. I love to piece together stuff that I already have that I would never think about wearing and incorporating it into my maternity wardrobe. My motto when preggo is.... if it fits, I will make use of it someway or another! If I told you how much I paid for this outfit below you would probably die.....so let me say- you can still rock your bump on a budget baby!

3.) Don't Be Afraid to Show It Off......

I get it, you are growing. Deep down inside you feel like you should have a part time job at Sea World since you aren't used to this new whaled out version of yourself. Let's be honest, pregnancy isn't always sexy. There are those woman who feel so beautiful during pregnancy and then there are the rest of us who feel like Shrek's wife. Don't give up and DON'T BE AFRAID of showing that bump off. When I was pregnant with Braxton, I went through the entire 9 months wishing to have my pre-baby body back on a daily basis. This time around, I know I'm going to get large and in charge before I get thin again. Therefore, I'm going to show it off at every stage of this pregnancy.

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