...21 Weeks Pregnant ...

I can remember when I first got pregnant with B, one of the first things that crossed my mind was, will I have to give up my workouts?  I have been super into fitness since I was 16, so much so that I decided to major in Nutrition and minor in Exercise and Wellness at ASU.

Being fit and healthy is second nature to me and putting on weight was  a very uncomforting thought the first time I got pregnant.

Just because you are pregnant does NOT give you the excuse to eat copious amounts of food and be lazy. If ANYTHING you should be more on top of your health, simply because YOUR HEALTH IMPACTS your beautiful growing baby's health.

 Here are some things I learned along the way that I have been able to bring into my pregnancy the second time around.

    • You will feel better. Those endorphins will make your hormonal booty a much more pleasant human to be around.
    • You will look better. We are morphing into a mutant, we might as well try to be a pretty mutant;-)
    • It prepares you for labor and delivery. Pushing a human out is a lot of work....the movies make it look super easy. You try pushing an 8 pound creature out and then tell me how easy that is......
    • It will help you get back to your pre-preggo body quicker! This I PROMISE! I gained 60 pounds, but maintained my workouts- and lost it all within 6 months.
    • It will help with aches and pains. Pregnancy can leave your body in pain....try stretching out daily to help relieve any pains you may get.

  • Don't start a crazy exercise program if you have never ever worked out before. Instead:
    • Go for a walk. Add some weights, bring your hubby....make it fun!
    • Do low impact exercises- the elliptical, the bike....
    • Clean your house. Dance around your house ....I DON'T CARE, just get active=-)
    • If you are a high- risk pregnancy, chat with your doctor about what you can and cannot do.

  • If you have kids...PLAY WITH THEM.
  •  Don't just watch them play- get involved with them! We are always playing ball with B, running TO the park with the stroller and CHASING each other around at the park. It is good for YOU physically and good for your kids mentally....so it is a win win situation

  • Don't Make excuses, Just make Time
    • We all have lives....we are all busy. Take time out for your health. YOU won't regret it.
Now that I'm pregnant again, I have maintained my workouts. Many people are always asking what I do to stay in shape.
  • Pregnant workouts:
    • I run about 2-3 miles 4x a week. On days I don't run I supplement with weight training, a BARRE DVD or Yoga.

  • Non-Pregnant workouts:
    • I run 3-5 miles 5-6 days a week. I weight train, do Barre or Yoga and any other butt kicking workout I can be a part of as well.


Being pregnant is awesome and beautiful.....it can be VERY taxing on our bodies, but it is a special gift...lets treat our bodies and babies nicely and be as healthy as possible!!!
Being active can have such a POSITIVE spin on your life. I urge you all to just get active...pregnant or not....I promise you won't regret it.

Happy Thursday to you all....Get active.
 XoXo- Alicia

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