The Glucose Test

...28 Weeks Pregnant...

My Monday morning started with the dreaded glucose screening test. My doctor appointment was scheduled for 9 am. You are required to eat 2 hours prior to the appointment and drink a sugary drink one hour prior to the appointment.

Basically you get blood taken from your arm to check your blood sugar level to see how efficiently your body processes sugar. The point is to make sure you don't have gestational diabetes, since usually there are no symptoms if you do have it.

My first pregnancy was really easy and I had no morning sickness and didn't even feel sick when I did this particular test.....but this time around was a whole different ball game.

I felt completely disgusting the whole day. I don't know if it is because my body isn't used to so much sugar or what, but I had an awful headache and felt completely drained the whole entire day.

I passed the test my first pregnancy, so as usual I better pass this time around or else you are required to go back in for a 3 hour glucose tolerance test to see if you really have gestational diabetes. Eeeek.

Other then that, this week marks the 3rd trimester! Which means....we are in the home stretch of this pregnancy!

Hoping you all have a lovely day! Xoxoxo

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