Can I be Pregnant & Sexy?

...26 weeks pregnant...

I apologize for being semi- M.I.A lately, life has been crazy and so have I. This is the point in pregnancy when I start to get larger and more irritable. Phrases like "you did this to me" and "Baby, do you think I'm pretty?" usually are said to my husband quite often. Thankfully he just sits there and responds with the right response, well...most of the time;-)

 The truth of the matter is, I feel so unsexy the bigger I get. I wish I was one of those women who just felt super sexy during their whole entire pregnancy, but for me....I find it hard at times.

I love talking to my mom and asking her about her pregnancies. You see, my mom is one of those AMAZING women who was just made to be a mother. There are 4 kids in my family and my mom always says she wishes she had more. She is so calming and wonderful to talk to when I feel like I'm getting pretty large & pregnant.....always reassuring me that this is a short moment in time and that at the end of all this I will have another wonderful child like Braxton. She is always right.

I asked my mom the other day if she enjoyed her pregnancies and of course she responded that she did....but then I said, "Did you feel sexy while pregnant" her immediate response was "NO!"
 I laughed because how many woman out there actually do feel sexy when being a baby hotel??

Although I don't feel like the most gorgeous creature on earth, I am just thankful I can get pregnant and have kids....but there are a few things I try to do that make me feel a little better, such as:
  • Working out- we all know by now, if I don't workout, I don't feel like me. I will be cranky and feel terrible...so it is just part of my life.
  • Eating Healthy- I try to eat well the majority of the time. I buy healthier foods and try to limit the junk food. I'm a firm believer in foods can affect our mental health...you are what you eat!
  • Getting my nails done- Ahhh. Yes....I need to do this just to feel like a woman!
  • Taking a bath- Everyday, my showers are taken with the door open since my son will freak out if I close the door...so at night when my child is in bed....I finally have time to just relax and unwind.
  • Putting my makeup on- This seems like a basic thing to do...but when you are a mom, your time to get ready is super limited. I always always always make sure my makeup is done, everyday.
  • Getting out of my pajamas- far too often you hear stories of moms who slip into becoming frumpy. I simply understand that this can happen easily....but even though I am a mom, I make sure I get into "real" clothes everyday....even if it is to just cook and clean my house.
Okay...obviously this is super basic stuff, but once you become a mother it stops being about you, and your focus is your child(ren). I will admit it is harder to "keep my sexy" now that I am a mother, but I will continue to try my hardest to keep it together for myself and my hubs.

Most of the time when I'm getting ready my son is right there next to me opening and closing the bathroom door, tugging on my legs, reaching for my makeup and curling iron or trying to rummage through my dresser drawers while yelling "MOMMMMMY, MOMMMMMMMY".....nonetheless, I at least attempt to get ready on a daily basis, even though it can be a bit difficult! 

Today my mom said to me, "Alicia....I think you need to understand that during pregnancy, you aren't supposed to look skinny....you are PREGNANT"...she is right.

So to all my beautiful expectant mommies out there, if you aren't feeling too sexy....know that you are not alone.
This is a short moment in time, and at the end of it all we get a baby and our sexy back;-) Or as my dad always jokes, did sexy even go anywhere? haha

    Have a Great Weekend. XoXo

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