My Pregnancy Style in the 3rd trimester

...30 weeks pregnant...


Tis' the season for the most rapid growth in pregnancy. This is the home stretch, the point where my baby is putting on the pounds and growing....therefore so em I. These next 10 weeks I will grow larger each week since my baby is getting ready to join the world.

I'm in TOTAL shock that I'm 30 weeks preggo. This pregnancy has flown by....and it is probably because I am so busy chasing my son around. I'm a little nervous, considering I started this blog 10 weeks ago....and those 10 weeks have zipped by so fast. I sort of want time to slow down because as soon as baby #2 comes, our lives will be jam packed with baby excitement around here!! I will soon turn from a baby hotel into a baby feeding station.....and instead of just chasing a toddler, I will have an infant to love on as well. WOWZA.

Now that the weather is getting warmer and my body is continuing to grow, it can be hard to find the right outfit on a daily basis. Things that fit a month ago, are starting to become snug.....so I'm opting for more dresses, stretchy pants, shorts and larger blouses.

Here are some of my "go-to" styles during this last trimester. Enjoy!

The comfy lace short and larger blouse
I realllllly love these lace shorts. They have been a life-saver for me with the hot weather lately. I'm also a huge fan of the larger blouses.....and I'm sort of obsessed with vests of all kinds. I haven't given up my heels just yet, I'm sure in the next few weeks I will need to ( I'm a short girl...and wearing heels makes me feel better).

The Maxi Dress
This is probably my most favorite style at the moment. Although I feel like sometimes Maxi dresses can make an individual whom is pregnant look pretty large and in charge, it is super comfy.....especially for the last few months of pregnancy.

The Wrap Dress
Wrap dresses are perfect for pregnancy. They definitely accentuate the bump, but are super comfy and cute.

Stretchy Capri Pants and Large Blouse
I'm desperately missing wearing my skinny jeans, but since I'm growing and the weather is getting hotter I prefer wearing leggings or Capri pants. On top, I usually like to pair it with a large flowy blouse and a vest.

Wishing you all a lovely day! xoxoxo

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