Mommy Fashion Post-baby

I used to have this theory, the higher the heels- the better. In fact, I remember being 30 some weeks pregnant with my first, and walking into a doctor appointment. My doctor gave one glance at me and said, "You need to quit it with those heels".....My response? "Henry, I'm a professional...." He immediately said, "Actually, no I am"...okay, fair enough. He was right, but that wasn't enough to keep me from wearing my heels no matter how bad it was for me.
Flash forward two years and 2 kids later and I rarely ever get to wear heels. There is something that makes you feel way more confident in a pair of heals. Who knows, maybe because it adds a couple of inches to my midget-self. Whatever it may be, I have a closet full of heels that rarely get to be worn anymore. Maybe my husband needs to take me on a date? I think so!
My style as a mom is all about being practical these days. You see, I'm pretty clumsy....and now I have two humans as my accessory. I'm afraid I would look like a circus act wearing heels to the grocery store, with a baby bjorn attached to me!
For me, for a few months post baby I'm mixing and matching my wardrobe around. Things are starting to fit that didn't fit during pregnancy, but I'm not back to wearing all my pre-pregnancy clothes, so I still incorporate some of my maternity stuff into my outfits.
I purchased the coral tank from H & M while I was pregnant. I'm still wearing it, just tying it at the waist. I'm pretty obssesed with the denim shirt look, which I also purchased at H & M. While I was 4 months pregnant, I purchased a pair of cheap jeans at Wet Seal, since I was outgrowing my regular jeans and needed a bigger size.
I will admit, I outgrew these pants by my 3rd trimester- so I was happy to see that they fit, even if they are a tad tight. That means progresssssss baby!

I'm not going to lie, shopping for my boys is way more fun these days. You see, they look so much cuter then I do. Don't you agree? haha
Hope you all have a blessed weekend!
Alicia XoXo

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