Guess Who's Back???

Did ya miss me?
Hi Friends!!! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Please pardon my 4 month hiatus, It has been hectic handling two humans. Life has been a total adjustment, nonetheless, it has been joyful to have a sweet addition to the family, Braylen!

Braylen 1 week old
And here he is at ALMOST 4 months.
Cute isn't he?
 That is what has been consuming me, along with his brother.

Here is a quick update on my life and how I have been adjusting to 2 cuties:
1.) Since Braylen has been born, I really have no life- but yet I'm always super busy. Easy tasks like grocery shopping have turned into a production, however I am learning how to make it work. The Baby Bjorn works wonders now that my hands are always tied up!
2.) I ran my first 15k, which is 9.3 miles, a week and a half ago with my cousin. I like to think of myself as pretty strong willed when I want to be, and I figured this would be a great accomplishment to work towards 3 months post Braylen.
It took us an hour and 40 minutes to complete the race. A little longer then I expected and I was bit disappointed when I found out the results. HOWEVER, we didn't stop and by the end, I felt like I was going to die. Therefore, Im proud of us!

 3.) Braylen has a couple of nicknames. Sha-BrayBray, Layloni-Brayloni, Braylono and Laylay. Poor kid, these are pretty awful names, I know.
4.) Today was the first time in history Braxton ever went into the church nursery and didn't cry when I dropped him off. When I went to get him after bible study, he immediately ran to me and balled his eyes out the second he got in my arms. Separation anxiety? haha, poor kid!
5.) Esteban (Stephen's nickname, haha) and I have had 2 alone dates since the birth of Braylen. Each time we have done dinner and the Casino. The hubs has a fascination with feeling like we are in Vegas, when in fact, we are very far from Vegas. On the bright side, a date night makes you feel like a teenager again when you never have them!
Our most recent date night 2 weeks ago!

This was our first date night 3 weeks after Braylen was born.
6.) Braxton is the best big brother ever. Not once has he gotten jealous of baby. Okay, that's a lie! The only times he gets jealous is when Braylen tries to swoop in on his girlfriend, Ellie. Ellie is our amazing neighbor who is 9 years old. She has been Braxton's love since he was 6 months...and now he has to fight for her attention, since Braylen has been born. Let the competition begin!
Ellie comforting Braylen

Braxton realizing Ellie isn't giving him attention

Pulling Ellie away! Hahaha

7.) I'm working my way back down, post baby. Sigh, I feel like a contestant on the biggest loser....it feels nice when pants start fitting again. Although I'm not back to where I started, I have to keep in mind- 9 months up...and 9 months down! I'm not going to lie, the process to get back down is a pain in the booty, literally!Rarrrrrr, haha. I willl not give up, no matter how frustrating it can be!
3 months post baby. I still have a ways to go....but this is the progress this far
8.) I have this new rule that we NEED to leave the house a few times a week. Braxton is getting to an age where if we stay home, all he wants to do is terrorize the house and watch TV. So, we have been getting out a lot to many fun places!

Life has been really fruitful with the addition of Braylano. It's been super fun because Braxton is talking so much and makes me laugh daily.
 The laundry piles up and my house NEVER stays clean.
 I find fruit snacks in my couch, and crushed goldfish on my carpet.....but that is part of this life and I wouldn't change it.
 I may not get to shower in peace, or have 3 hour workouts like I once did....HOWEVER, I'm really enjoying my babies=-)


 As always, Have a great day!
Xoxo- Alicia

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