...Lovely in Lavender...

I think the beauty of fashion is that you can really make it your own. When I started this blog last year, it was really just to let moms know that you can still embrace your own style......even when you are a mother.
I always say that it is "9 months up, 9 months down" when it comes to being pregnant and regaining your pre-pregnancy shape. For me, that is a statement that holds true. It always feels really good to know all the butt-kicking I have done in the gym post-partum is really starting to pay off. 
There were moments of frustration though, believe me.
I can remember after having Braylen (my second son), my husband and I were going through every pair of jeans in my closet.....trying to find a pair of pants to wear. NOTHING FIT! I literally broke down and started to cry. I just remember thinking, why!!!!!!? It was frustrating that I had to continue to wear leggings and workout pants for 2 months post partum, maybe even longer. Sigh.
This is normal ladies.....and just know it takes time (and some hard-work).
I want to encourage all you mommas out there today to give yourself time after having a baby....Just know your body will get there again.
 Your body may be a bit different, however.....you have just housed one of the most precious miracles, ever.

Lavander jeans: H&M, Floral tank: Wet Seal, Jean Shirt: Marshalls (two different ones in each photo), Nude Pumps: Agaci

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