...Country Mama...

I'm a big fan of country music, believe it or not.
 I think there is something so dynamic about it....the heartbreaks, the love stories, their faith....Haha, I just love it all.
I have never had sweet tea, but it makes me want some.
I don't drink tequila, but apparently it makes your clothes come off.
Ohhh and lets not forget about the mason jars and drinking out of those!
Every time the sun is shining and the weather gets to the point where I can roll down my windows (Like today, 65 degrees baby)....I like to blast me some country music.
I have never been down south, but I sure would like to go.
The one thing I do know is....I like me some country fashion y'all. You can't deny the fact that a cowgirls fashion is truly always in style.
Although I'm not seeing a Nashville trip (Yes, I'm dying to go there) anytime soon....I can still unleash my country cow girl attire and bogey down right here in Chicago.....until my husband and children are telling me to stop.
Hoping you all have a fabulous Monday!
Jean Jacket: Thrift-store, White Tank: Nordstrom, Belt: Forever 21 (old), Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: Kelsi Dagger

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