...Mis Match...

I find it crazy that my little guy who is almost 9 months old is starting to out-eat his brother.
 It is crazy to see these children grow in front of my very eyes.
They play this game where they crawl around and chase each other.....and they both laugh so hard.
Those are the "little" things in life that warm your heart.
Sometimes it's funny though, because Braylen (younger son) almost likes being "tortured" by his older brother. And by that I mean, I am constantly telling Braxton (my 2 year old) to get off his brother, or to stop picking him up.....or to get the blanket off his head. Braylen on the other hand just dies laughing. He likes it.
By 4 am today, I heard Braxton in the living room....he was in the dark, on a chair.....reaching for a paci.
We are really working hard to break his paci addiction, but man.....he was trying to sneak a suck at 4 am without us even knowing. Hilarious. Caught you!
And then there are days where I say, I don't feel like matching....like yesterday. Who says polka dots, stripes and leopard print doesn't go? Well they were wrong! Because in my eyes.....It works. And I like it.
Cardigan: Marshalls, Striped Shirt: Old Navy, Polka Dot Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Old Navy

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