Having a Healthy Relationship With Food

I hate diets. I don't think I have ever actually followed through with a "diet". I think they are silly, to be honest. If you think about it, when you go on a "diet"....usually that means you are doing some sort of restriction. And when you restrict, a few things will happen:
 1.) You will want food more than you did before....simply because you can't have it (we always want what we can't have). You may end up binging, saying you will start your diet the following day (never do) and actually gain more weight than when you started.
2.) You set yourself up for failure. Simply because you cannot sustain a life of restriction.
As a woman who has always been into health and fitness, I of course used to categorize food in "good" or "bad". I would feel guilty if I ate "bad" and would feel it emotionally as if I was a failure. I used to be that girl who would talk about "how fat I was"....or " I can't eat that because it is bad". Flash forward 10 years, 2 pregnancies later....and I am confident to say I am in a very comfortable spot with food and who I am.
Often times I feel like the talk about "health" and "food" are sort of like politics. I know that sounds silly, but there is so much controversy in what is out there. Do I eat organic? Does it matter if I eat organic? Is there a correlation between disease and the pesticides/chemicals in our food? In my opinion, yes. I'm not a doctor or a scientist, but I really don't think putting artificial chemicals in my body is healthy. I know a lot of people may disagree with me....and that's okay. I usually say do what works for you. I do know that when I buy organic, it does taste better. Don't believe me- buy organic strawberries vs. non organic...you WILL taste the difference. I prefer organic...and when I can, I usually do buy organic.
I believe in a healthy lifestyle, which includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, low fat meats. If I want a cookie, I will have a cookie. I have learned to find balance in my life and it is the most awesome feeling, ever.
If you are that woman, struggling to find balance, here is what I suggest:
1.) Start out Slow
 Sometimes we jump into a healthy lifestyle head on, which works for some, but not always for others. Simply start by adding fruit into your diet, or raw almonds as a snack instead of chips.
2.) Make Better Choices
The food we choose has the power to be the best form of medicine or a form of poison to our body. YOU decide what you want.
3.) You're not a failure
If you have a cookie, or a piece of cake....you didn't fail. Allow yourself to have stuff that you enjoy. Do it in moderation and don't get down on yourself.
4.) Stop Starving Yourself
We need to eat to live. If you aren't eating enough, most of the time that will lead to binging later on. Realize that food is not your enemy.
5.) Its a Lifestyle
I know I say this a lot....but its all about lifestyle changes. Maybe for you that means learning to cut out fast food before adding more vegetables in your diet. Whatever it is, you can do it.
6.) Be disciplined
 There is a difference between restriction and discipline. Restriction limits you, while discipline trains you. Learn to be disciplined.
I'm hoping you have a great weekend, full of fun and balance!

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Great post, Alicia!