Get Your BEST Body, Post baby....

I think there is a common misconception that once you have a baby, your body can no longer be what it was previously.
Sure, you may have larger hips....or a few stretch marks. Your body may be DIFFERENT.....but it doesn't mean that it can't be better than it once was.
Trust me, you can do it!
I can remember Jennifer Hudson saying in an interview, that being pregnant made her want to get in better shape than she was before she got pregnant. I loved that, because that completely holds true in my life.
As a woman, society has placed pressure on us to be "thin"....but what about being "fit"? I would so much rather be feminine, yet strong. Just saying!
Here are my tips to getting FIT post pregnancy:
1.)  Set Goals for Yourself
Chances are, most of us don't look as fabulous as Kate Middleton post-partum. I recommend setting tiny goals for yourself. I always say, 9 months up...9 months down.
2.) Its not a Destination, but a Journey
Even though I set certain goals for myself, I am committed to knowing that my fitness is a life long journey. As long as I am healthy and capable, I will continue to be on this journey. I understand results don't happen over night, but they happen through my commitment, hard work and dedication.
                             3.) Diets Don't Work
There. I said it. This goes hand in hand with fitness being a journey. I want a healthy LIFESTYLE. Diets usually don't work because you can't live your life like that, however, you can be committed to making lifestyle changes. Eat cleaner, Work out more, Eat out less....etc.
4.) Stay Focused
Make time for yourself post baby. How often I hear excuses of "I don't have the time" or "I'm too tired". I'm not discrediting any of that, however....I'm confident you will feel awesome if you make that workout a priority. I PROMISE!
5.) Find a Workout YOU ENJOY
If you are someone who doesn't enjoy any type of physical fitness, start out slow. Go for a walk, find a dance class, go for a bike ride....find something you enjoy. Grab a friend/husband/dog....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

In the past, I have been that girl who feels validated or broken by what the scale says. If you are that woman, know that the scale is JUST A NUMBER. I weigh myself once every 2 weeks. I have grown to be comfortable with my body and the number that I see. Muscle weighs more than fat.
7.) Stay Committed
I have done this twice now. I don't lose my baby weight because "I'm young" or " I have good genes"....I lose my weight and get fit because I stay committed and disciplined.
You can do this!

8.) Quit the Negative Self Talk
Stop talking about what you don't like about your body. You can change it. Focus on what you do like, enhance it! We all have insecurities....no one is perfect.
Day Before I gave birth

I'm confident in you....Have faith in yourself!

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