Colorfully Yours

...23 Weeks Pregnant....

There is something about Spring time that is so awesome. Usually in March, Chicago can be pretty unpredictable. Sometimes it snows, sometimes it rains....but this year, it has been beautiful. Everything has started to turn green, flowers are blossoming, windows are open....and people are smiling. Seriously, sunshine can make such a difference in our moods.

I'm obsessed with the colorful style that is out there right now. Since I'm pregnant and all, I still really wanted to get in on the colorful look, even if I look like a human colorful blimp....I want to be a part of all this color! Rarrrrr=-)

Like I have said previously, I only own one pair of pregnancy jeans. Last pregnancy I wore the "belly band" over my jeans and intend on doing the same thing when I get to that point......which I'm starting to sprout, so I will be using it very soon. This is the belly band I have :Belly Band

I have been searching for colored pants, but since my body is changing it has been tricky to find the "right" pair. I originally didn't want to purchase these red ones, because of the size the tag said on the back. My mom insisted that they were "mismarked" (you have to love mom's logic) and that I would be happy to have pants come July (when I will be oober humongous and about to pop) that are a bit bigger and stretchy for my ever so awesome growing bod. Mission accomplished, and I consider this a good buy!

This shirt has little birdies on it- which puts a huge smile on my son's face. My hubs has turned this particular shirt into a counting game...."See Brax, 1 bird....2 birds....3 birds....blah blah blah". Anything to see his cute face smile and learn at the same time.

And here you have it my friends, my colorfully fab outfit.

Pants: Nordstrom; Blouse: Old Navy; Denim Jacket: Thrifting; Shoes: Agaci

You have yourself a super day. XoXo

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