Weighing In On YOUR Post Pregnancy Body

....The truth of what I looked like while getting my body back, baby

I'm not one for celebrity gossip. Most of the time, I really could care less, but lately I can't help but to chime in on the buzz about Jessica Simpson's pregnancy. I would hate to be in the public eye like her, with people criticizing how large and in charge she has gotten with her pregnancy.

I'm officially 24 weeks pregnant, which means my child is definately growing. Monday I had to get weighed in at the doctor. Those moments are always pretty awful....even though I know it is all for a good cause. Now that I am growing, people are starting to make their comments about my belly growing....as if I don't have a mirror. Luckly I have been through this before, so I know that there is a light at the end of this pregnancy tunnel! The outcome: an awesome little human. The downfall: putting myself back together again.

With my first pregnancy, I found it REALLY HARD to enjoy my ever-growing belly. I have always enjoyed being fit, so I went through the entire 9 months (which felt like an eternity) wondering if I would EVER get my pre- pregnancy body back. I remember being about 8 months pregnant and staring at myself, almost in tears and asking my husband, "Babe- do you think I will ever look like I did before?"....His response, "You will look better then before babe, I know you will". Sometimes all we need is reassurance, even if he was just making me feel better about that fact that I was probably weighing as much as him.

I searched the Internet, asked my doctors, nurses and other women who had been pregnant- what would I look like AFTER I gave birth?! I heard I would still look about 6 months pregnant and eventually my uterus would shrink back down to normal, along with my body. But still, I wanted an image of what I would really look like. A common thing I kept hearing was, "9 months up....9 months down". WHAT? Another 9 months of not feeling like myself.....

I can remember the day after giving birth. I was so happy that my beautiful son was perfect and healthy.... but then I looked at myself in the mirror and seriously scared myself. What in the world just happened to me? I was completely under construction....ahhhhhh! My boobs were bigger then my sons head ( and he was in the 100th percentile for that thing) and my stomach was seriously this doughy mess. Are you kidding me?

In all fairness, my son was a pretty large child, considering I am pretty petite. I did give birth to an 8 pound 9 oz child who was 22 inches long, with an extremely large head. Not that I have excuses for the photos you will see below, but he contributed to my largeness.
Don't worry, it all eventually got better....but it took a couple (ok, I mean a lot) of butt-kicking, fat melting workouts.....dedication and time.

Every one's pregnancy is different. My journey isn't necessarily what someone else may have experienced, nonetheless I set out to chronicle my ever changing body back to normalcy so all you women could see what really takes place!

Six weeks post-delivery, I got the clear from the doctor to start working out again. I think nothing gives you more motivation THEN AFTER pregnancy. I was determined to get back to normal. I did set a few goals, and here are the things that helped motivate me:

1.) For Myself.
I WAS SO READY to just fit back into my jeans again. I can remember when I was 35 weeks pregnant, I was at my friends baby shower and this incredibly rude lady told me I would never ever get my pre-pregnancy body back. Well, I should have sent her a postcard with my picture on it when I did.

2.)I  was going to be a BRIDESMAID!
 My sister-in-law had asked me to be in her wedding, 8 months after giving birth.

3.) I was going to be a BRIDE!!
Most importantly of all, I was getting married 10 months post pregnancy.

This is a little bit of what I experienced my friends...I know, it is scary so enter with caution!!!

2 months prior to getting pregnant

Large and in charge baby!!! 5 weeks before I delivered....I look like I ate a mini human for dinner. haha=-)
Looking hotter then ever, 6 days after giving birth. Yikes.
 I seriously resemble the Pillsbury doughboy.
This was probably the worst of it, but within the first 2 weeks 30 pounds was off of me.
You can see the lines on my stomach from wearing a postpartum belt, which I wore religiously for the first 6 weeks. The link is posted at the bottom of the page.

3 weeks after giving birth
3 months post-delivery

5 months post-delivery
8 months post-delivery

Needless to say, I did a few things to help get my body back in shape.
 Here is what you can do:

I will get into this on another day, but in a nutshell breastfeeding is such an important aspect to a healthy start for your baby and for helping you lose your pregnancy weight. It has so many benefits for the both of you, plus it is free! I don't think it gets any better then that!
2.) Set Goals for Yourself
3.) Stop With the Excuses
4.) Get Your Diet on Track
5.) Get Moving and Work out

I will admit, I did buy into 2 gimmicks. My husband thinks it was silly, but I wore these two things religiously post-delivery....I'm not sure if it worked, but I know I will probably wear these things this time around as well!

So here I am to let you people know, there is life after birth....you get a beautiful child.....and you WILL get back to normal. It just may take a little time and some work!

Not to mention, being a mom has been the BEST JOB I have ever had...and that is why I'm willing to do this ALL OVER AGAIN!! 

The way I always put it is, I'm a real woman now....haha=-)
On my wedding day, and back to my pre-pregnancy weight. This was 10 months after giving birth.
I Hope all you guys have a lovely Thursday!!!


Lindsey B said...

Thank you SO much for sharing this inspirational accomplishment with the rest of us!! I've always wondered how long it would take to lose the weight after a pregnancy. You give me hope. I'm not pregnant right now but you have put my mind at ease! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am so inspired by this post. I am the mother of one beautiful daughter and I have been struggling with my last five pounds (held entirely in the lower ab portion/muffin top). Are there any particular exercises or nutrition ideas you would suggest for getting rid of this menace? Thanks so much! Angela

Fit Mom said...

Lindsey, thank you so much!!! That means a lot!

Angela- congrats on your daughter! I know those last few pounds can totally linger....you need to be faithful to your workouts and diet. When did you have your daughter? Just be patient and if you do workout, try to turn up the intensity and styles of your workouts=-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. Youre a wonderful insperation and a very beautiful woman! I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant and love working out and keeping the rest of my body in shape while my belly is growing :) And I have been worried about how my future post-pregnancy body will look. I'm just wondering how you started working out after the delivery: How long did u wait until your first workout? Did you start different considering just beeing pregnant, like no crunches etc? Can you recommend any "rules" for a good dietplan, I mean there are so many different ones: No carbs, no fat, no sugar, Cambridge that and Atkins this. Can you give me any advice in this jungle??

Thank you so much for any answer :)
Ida, from Sweden.