Staying Nutritiously Fabulous When Pregnant
 (and every other day of your life)

...23 Weeks Pregnant...

If you knew me in college, you would usually find me at the local Whole Foods or Co-Op. I was not your typical college student ordering pizza or eating fast food. Previously, I have been Vegan, Gluten-free and tried every diet under the sun. What I realized was that I needed to find a balance in the way I ate. I think Nutrition has to be one of the MOST controversial topics. Organic or not organic? Em I eating too many carbs? I can't eat this dessert....won't it kill me?
Let me just say, I have come a long way since my college days. I have found what I call a "perfect" balance. I look at healthy eating as a lifestyle. I don't believe in restriction.I know how horrible over-eating can feel. I believe in portion control. I know what foods will make me feel like I am on top of the world, and what foods will make me feel like an absolute blimp.

When I got pregnant the first time, I was deathly afraid of the fact that I was GOING to GAIN weight. Are you kidding? It is rather frightening to see your body grow....and exciting all in one. Nonetheless, I was mostly scared!

Here are some things I realized when I was pregnant the first time around:

1.) Pregnancy is NOT the TIME to think you can eat like an extreme OINKER

I think often times people associate pregnancy with weight gain (fair enough) so they think it is a free pass to eat whatever you want. You see them swinging through every fast food place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The TRUTH IS, the weight you do put on is for a growing baby inside of you. Any additional weight you put on by over-eating will be a lot harder to lose once you deliver that baby.

Also, have you realized the difference in how you feel when you eat well vs. when you eat unhealthy? I know if I eat terrible, I will feel terrible. So think of this as another reason to feel more energized during your pregnancy!

2.) Pregnancy is NOT a time to start a diet

Its all about a beautiful balance. Healthy eating and healthy weight gain is important for you and your baby during this crucial time.
- Helps with a healthy birth weight of the baby
- Can decrease the mothers risk of complications during pregnancy
- Reduces the risk of pre-term labor & delivery

3.) ....But I'm Eating for 2!

Yes, you are eating for two, but maybe not in the way you are thinking.
Basically what this means is that you NEED to provide good nutrition for two people- YOU and YOUR baby.
Your baby gets all of its nourishment from you through the umbilical cord. What you eat is what your baby is having, therefore nutrition is very important. If you lack certain nutrients, your baby may lack those as well.

4.) Take Your Pre-Natal Vitamins

Proper pre-natal nutrition is an important component to achieving optimal health for the mother and child. I have been taking my pre-natal vitamins since I got pregnant the first time around and haven't stopped. I really believe in these supplements. I feel better and they enhance my mood! The vitamins I take are by Metagenics, and I SWEAR by them. To get the ones I take you can visit their website at:

5.) How to Stay Healthy On-The-Go
Easy on-the-go healthy goodness to start our week

You're busy. You need to get out the door. You don't have time to prepare foods for you, let alone your entire family. At the beginning of the week, I usually get a ton of fruit- cut it up so it is easy to take on the go. If you prepare in advance- you will be more likely to eat the food you have prepared. Take a few minutes out of your Sunday night and prepare for the week.

6.) Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Like I have said previously, I'm a huge believer in a balance. Try incorporating these foods into your diet:

Fruits & Vegetables
Whole grains
- Protein rich foods- chicken, lean meat
Dairy- low fat milk, yogurt and cheese

7.) Set an Example

Lastly, you are the role model your children see. You are the one feeding your child and you have the opportunity to educate them on healthy eating. Get them started early....because the habits they have are usually learned from their parents. We live in a country where the obesity epidemic is outrageous, where we may out live our kids. This is a scary thought....so start NOW!!!

Start with making little changes and work your way into that healthy lifestyle.

I hope you all have an awesome and HAPPY TUESDAY!!! XOXO


Renee Gonzalez said...

Love ur blog Alicia! Wish you started this before i got pregnant! I was overweight going into my pregnancy and ended up with gestational diabetes :( i was so scared and took the health of my child very seriously and made some major lifestyle changes! I didnt diet i still ate a good amount just made smarter choices. I only gained four lbs with my pregnancy (ur not supposed to gain a lot when u go into it over weight ) and came out of it 20lbs lighter :) and ended with a healthy baby girl! I walked a LOT when i was pregnant. Its amazing how pregnancy can reshape ur thinking. Thank u for this blog ;) im going to keep reading and hopefully get some tips for when its time for baby number two! Hope your pregnancy is going great and ur beautiful little braxton is well! Xo

Renee Gonzalez said...

Also i have a friend whose scared to death of the weight gain. She struggled witg an eating disorder :( i may refer her here. Keep it up :)

Fit Mom said...


Thank you so much for your feedback- it means the world to me! Im so glad pregnancy made you change your lifestyle....it is crazy and wonderful how it can do that to us! I love hearing stories like yours- so keep it up!!! And yes, send your friend over my way....I was so scared I would never lose the weight....so I know how she feels=-) I hope you are enjoying being a mommy!!! xoxoxo