Make A Difference Monday

...23 Weeks Pregnant...


Today when I woke up, I realized I was out of coffee. Bummer. I still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, pregnant or not.......so I figured B and I would head on over to Starbucks. I'm not the most adorable looking creature in the AM, so I opted to go through the Drive-Thru.....I didn't want to scare anyone with my morning beauty=-)

I ordered some breakfast for us and my coffee and when I got to the window the lady who worked there told me MY ORDER had been payed for by the PERSON IN FRONT OF ME!!! Are you kidding me? How sweet was that. So I immediately told the lady I wanted to pay for the person behind me, she looked shocked.....and I only hope that this continued from person to person. I mean, how cool would that have been?

I listen to a Christian radio station called K-Love. Every Monday they talk about "Make a Difference Monday". We all know Monday is THE WORST day of the week.....so this particular radio station encourages people to make a difference on Monday (and every other day of the week) by doing little things that can help inspire and motivate people to NOT have a "Case of the Mondays".

By having some random stranger think about the person behind them at Starbucks was so encouraging. It really shows that OUR WORLD can be a better place by people making sweet and kind gestures, as simple as paying for someones coffee.

As a mother, my heart has grown more then ever in the last year and a half. This world has so much negativity, and being a parent you start to want to make the world a more positive place....

So thank you random stranger, You REALLY did brighten my MONDAY morning=-)

Anyways, I'm growing in my midsection area for sure.....so today I decided on a little turquoise dress, paired with a mustard jacket. I LOVE this color combo together.....and the dress is definitely airy and comfortable for a preggo girl like myself.

Check out the style for today. ENJOY!!!

....and HAPPY MONDAY!!!!- xoxo

Dress & Jacket: Target; Bag: Coach : Accessories: Nordstrom Rack

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