White ON!

...25 Weeks Pregnant...

Today marks 37 years of my parents being married!!!! That is one heck of a long time to be together. Thirty-seven years and four kids later, all of us kids have been replaced by 4 dogs. We are all grown and out of the house, which leaves my parents to go on these cute dates often.
 I'm proud of my parents and their relationship, it has really developed into an adorable one. My parents are amazing. We are a pretty close family.....in fact, we are that family who is really open and talks about everything. Nothing is off limits, which I think has been beneficial in helping shape who we all are. So cheers to my mommy and daddy for being married so long, you guys are the best.

I'm 25 weeks pregnant, and I was determined to have white pants. I needed to have them, and tried them on at every store I went to....and had a lot of trouble finding "the ones" to wear throughout my pregnancy.  I'm growing, so I needed ones that would be stretchy and comfortable, but yet still fit to my body. Well low and behold, after 8354727540857 stores, I found my white pants and set off to put together a semi-nautical maternity outfit. Enjoy!

White Pants: Marshalls, Striped Shirt: Old Navy, Blue sweater: Nordstrom, Diaper Bag: Juicy Couture, Earrings: Forever 21, Shoes: Agaci

Hoping you all have a wonderful Tuesday



Just My Type Transcription said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Great outfit! I love the diaper bag and wish they had these cute bags when I was preggers.

I love this blog! ♥

Anonymous said...

Great pics!