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I'm emotional, hormonal, fantastically bipolar.....I'm crazy. Oh wait, I forgot to mention, I'm a pregnant woman. Yes, at the drop of a dime I can go from smiles to tears in just a matter of moments. I'm growing, I'm a baby hotel.....and ohhhh wait, for the last 6 months I have shared space in my body with my little awesome growing creature.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mother. It has been the most amazing thing, so I'm thrilled to add another human of mine to the clan.....but I am not necessarily in love with being pregnant. It is a beautiful miracle, and it definitely has its positive points.....but there are moments where I think, are we there yet? Well...I still have about 15 weeks until we are there.

Due to the recent fact that my belly has started growing, so have people's comments. Gosh, so it begins. You know....the UNFILTERED comments that flow from peoples mouths that aren't pregnant who think they can say anything they want to us preggos. I forgot, I'm a human punching bag...I should be able to take it all in, right? Wrong.

Of course there are people who have their sweet compliments about your ever growing belly, but there are the non-sweet insults and words that come unsolicited and can be very rude.

So let me tell you what NOT to say and do to your friendly preggo friends, my friends.

1.) Are you SURE you AREN'T carrying twins?
Okay, really? That joke gets old, QUICK. I was 2 weeks from delivering my son and I was at the car wash, when a man who worked there asked if there were "twins" in there.
Wow, he is hilarious, not. No sir, with the technology today...I'm pretty positive if there were twins in there I would have known by then. Let me tell you how good that made me feel....as if I didn't already feel and look like an absolute moose.

2.) Whoooo Tell that baby to STOP growing
This past February I had to get a diamond fixed on my wedding ring. It took 2 weeks, so when I went to pick it up, the lady who I dropped it off to 2 weeks prior  thought it was okay to make me feel bad about myself. I was 18 weeks pregnant and she literally looked at me and said "whoo that thing has grown so much, when are you due?". I told her in July. She then looked at my stomach and proceeded to tell it to "stop" growing. WOW. I spent that night annoyingly asking my husband 8 trillion times if I was really that big.

3.) Wow, Your belly has really been GROWING
Ohhh thank you captain obvious. I didn't realize that. HELLLLLO! I HAVE A MIRROR. I can see that...I don't need anyone to point it out to me that I am growing...I feel my child kicking around in there, my pants are snug and my old shirts aren't fitting the way they used to.

Yup, that alwaysssss makes me feel good to know I look huge. I'm working out, eating well...trying my hardest here to not look like a whale who is ballooning daily....and BAM, someone has to tell you that you look huge. That is NEVER nice. I feel huge already, I don't need to hear it.

5.) You will NEVER get your pre-pregnancy body back
I will never ever forget this. I was at my friends baby shower and I was 35 weeks pregnant. Another lady attending the shower straight up said I WOULD NEVER be a size 1 ever again and I could forget getting my "old" body back. Nothing could be more false then her statement....

6.) The person who just stares at you up and down, instead of looking you in the eye when having a conversation.
Do you want me to just take a picture of myself and you can examine it when you aren't in my presence? Seriously, there is nothing more awkward then when you know someone is trying to look at your belly that has been growing, but they are trying to be discrete and they aren't discrete at all.

7.) And lastly, PLEASE don't touch my belly if I don't know you.
Yes, this happens. When I was pregnant the first time around, I was in line grabbing coffee and just about to pay for it, when all of a sudden a random human started touching and talking to my belly. WHAT? Not to mention, I was having a pregnancy "skinny" day, or so I thought....so I was really caught off guard. I grabbed my coffee, just looked at her in shock and bolted out of there. It really is strange, at least for me, to have strangers touching my belly.

So there you have it. A few pregnancy things that I have endured. Pregnancy really can be so awesome, especially if people just filter what they say.
We are women and we are emotional, well...I am at least, so just be careful with the words you choose, or you may get a pregnant woman snapping on you, meow!

So let's go back to kindergarten here and go with the phrase,
 "If you have nothing nice to say...don't say anything at all"

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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