I'm A Big Girl Now

38 weeks pregnant


Lately, I seem to question if most people grew up in a barn...or if I am just an angry, emotional, about to pop pregnant chick. My husband would probably say I'm the second one. I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and I have a full grown infant still living inside me for the next two weeks.

The first 30 weeks of pregnancy are usually tolerable, but now that I have hit the point where I am about to give birth, people love to say how "BIG" I am. I cannot help but to find it rude.

We live in a society where if you were to walk up to someone and say "Wow you are really packing on the pounds and looking fat" it would be considered extremely rude, but for some reason when you are pregnant, people feel the need to tell you that you are big- and think that it is perfectly okay to do so.

I have to give myself props.....even though I'm pregnant- I still hit the treadmill and did my run. You would never think by looking at me that I work out still......but I do.

Asking how much weight I have gained or telling me I'm growing by the minute,  is not the most kind thing to say.....so people, think before you speak.

That is all.......let the countdown begin......2 more weeks until my due date!
 Braylen, please come on time=-)

Have a great Week!


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